New: Haven Coaching!

From Susan Clarke

We are excited about the launch of the pilot Haven Coaching program. We have heard from folks for years that the process of being here at The Haven and going home can be challenging. Some folk struggle integrating the new learning into their relationship, their workplace or their community. Of course, Staying Alive provides one great place to help with this integration. But unfortunately, not everyone lives near a location where Staying Alives are an option.

So we decided to look into some virtual options, and we realized that some of our faculty and graduates already have a depth of experience in the area of coaching.

Why Coaching? Coaching is designed to be collaborative relationship between the coach and client in which the focus is on growth and transition, creating fulfillment and formulating action plans necessary to attain a client’s desired outcome.

The Team: We went through a selection process, which started with some baseline requirements: Haven Diploma in Counseling, experience/credentials in Coaching virtually. We then asked all those who were interested to coach us. Basically, we wanted to know that the team was solid in Haven fundamentals, strong in using a virtual medium and willing to add their coach training to helping folks integrate their Haven experience.

The selection wasn’t easy, we had lots of great faculty and graduates who came forward and for the pilot we only wanted six. Here’s the team:

Coach Coordinator: Susan Clarke

CrisMarie Campbell
Ian Curtin
Jennifer Hilton
Susa Holt
Cathy Wilder
Terri Wolfe

As the Coordinator, I will be available to help answer any questions, and if needed provide you details on how to find your coach. I can be reached via email.

Next Steps: We will soon have a page on the Haven website that will provide a FAQ about coaching, pricing and biographies of the team.

Pricing: For the pilot we will be offering a special price of $125 per hour or a package of 3 sessions for $340. The price is the same no matter which coach you choose.

We are very excited about this new offering and hope you will give coaching a try! You will hear more about coaching as we go forward. Please contact me, at the email above, if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

Take care,
Susan Clarke

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