Linda Nicholls: Community Caring and Fundraising

By Cathy Wilder. Cathy is a member of Haven core faculty, and a friend and colleague of Linda Nicholls.

In May of this year, Linda Nicholls was diagnosed with one of the rarer forms of breast cancer.

Along with some of her other friends, I have set up a fundraising campaign, and we would love your support. Here is the link:

As you can imagine, Linda is digging in deeply, committing to healing changes in her life and being open to all kinds of new learning and experiences. She continues to be an inspiration and beacon of light for transformation and healing possibilities. And to be sure, it is not an easy journey.

Her blog ­ contains more information and her reflections on her journey to date.

As you may know, Linda has been an entrepreneur for many years, teaching programs at The Haven and in China. She was also the Manager at The Haven at one time.

As an intention to create more ease, loving and space, several friends from her various communities, who understand what it takes to move through this journey of cancer, have come forward to suggest this campaign to offer Linda support.  We believe for the next 12 to 18 months, she needs to dedicate herself to her healing, along with balancing other priorities and some work.

We want to support Linda in having less financial pressure, so there is more space for healing, ease, and creative inspiration.

If you are able to contribute, please go to the fundraising page.  Also, please pass this message to others who may be able to contribute, or offer a prayer, wishes of light, blessings, and healing.

A footnote: Linda did not ask for this. This support has emerged out of the beauty of her being and actions over the years and those who love her. For her part, Linda has written on her blog about receiving with self-compassion.

For any questions on contributing please contact me, Cathy Wilder, at

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