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Kristina’s Inspired Heart and Art

January 31st was #inspireyourheartwithart day. At The Haven, we believe that creative expression can be an important vehicle for cultivating self-awareness and is a great tool to de-stress and expand and grow mind, body, and spirit. In honour of #inspireyourheartwithart day, we interviewed an artist from The Haven community!

Kristina Campbell assists in Come Alive and Sexual Intelligence, coordinates a Staying Alive group in Comox. BC, and leads Calibrating True North and Inner Wisdom: Finding The Goddess Within. Outside of The Haven, she is a talented multi-media artist. Here’s what we learned about Kristina, alongside a couple images of her work. We hope her art (and interview) inspire your heart! 

First off, What is exciting or inspiring you in your life right now? 

I am about to open an Art Gallery in Courtney in Spring 2020.  It’s called “Artful: The Gallery“.  It will be a studio, art gallery and workshop space combined. I will share and sell my art as well as a variety of BC artists whose work I love. 

What does The Haven mean to you in 3 words or less? 

Community, Self-Awareness, Creativity

How are The Haven and Creativity linked for you? 

With art you can’t control the outcome but it is the process of bringing together different elements…it’s like alchemy for me!  I love being able to be creative with my art and I never thought being a facilitator would be such an amazing use of my creativity.

When and why did you come to The Haven ?

April 2012, Come Alive — arrived as a result of a meditation practice. I noticed I was not learning about relating with people by sitting in silence on a pillow!

What inspired you to become a core program Assistant?

I wanted to continue my learning and being part of the community in order to help others. I get so excited when I see a participant have an “ah-ha” moment about themselves and how they relate to their lives….It’s just so “juicy” for me.  I think it’s so cool how I have been able to bring my creativity into working with people. 

Do you have a favourite memory of the time you have spent at The Haven?

Laying in the forest under “The Three Sisters” (a group of trees in the McNally Wood) after a rainstorm and looking how the three trees were moving, almost as if they were communicating and feeling the raindrops from the trees land on my face. This is the moment I felt the most connected to the natural world.

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