International Holistic Centers Gathering: May 14 & 15

By Cathy McNally

Mid-week Adventures: Wednesday May 13
Mid-way through the week of the Centers Gathering we had an unexpected event: the whole mountain lost electricity starting around 8am.  Happily this occurred just after the kitchen had finished heating our water for morning coffee and tea!  It also meant we needed to change our morning plans – which had focused around a Skype conversation with Sean Feng in China, where the next Centers Gathering will happen in October 2015.

With news that we were unlikely to have power resume before 4pm, we took the opportunity to go up the mountain to visit two of the three campuses of the Kalikalos Network, a co-host of this Greek gathering.  We wandered over the rustic Anilio-SKT centre in its beautiful forest setting, and lunched at Kalikalos-Kissos, which is nestled in a picturesque Greek village. 

Returning to our sea-level base in the Damouhari hotel, we closed the day with dinner at a different cafe in the local area.  The lovely meal was prepared from scratch by the café owner’s family…and included home-grown entertainment by participant Nigel!

The Tree and Lost Unicorn: Thursday May 14

On the final night of the Centers Gathering in Greece, we were told to prepare ourselves for a very special treat.  We then embarked on a journey far up the mountain to an amazing location.  After parking we were guided to a large courtyard area adjacent to a beautiful church.  As we approached, the central focus was clear:  a HUGE, gorgeous tree!  We were told that this tree is estimated at well over 1000 years old!  As you can see, many were drawn to climb the tree and connect with it in a variety of ways.

When we could drag ourselves away from this ancient presence, we enjoyed the best meal I have had in a very long time at the Lost Unicorn.


The Lost Unicorn

As well as providing amazing meals, the owners of this remarkable place have gone out of their way to preserve the building, grounds, elegant furnishings, and even collect a large library of books.  A special treat indeed!

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