Is Imagination Making or Destroying Your Life?

By Philip Winkelmans Ph.D

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

The power of imagination

Imagination is one of our most powerful mental tools. Just think of the power of something as simple as the Placebo Effect, which is instilled in the imagination of a patient by a doctor’s prescription. Historically, the Placebo Effect (sugar pill) has been as effective and in some cases more effective than prescribed medications. This makes it one of the most successful of all prescription drugs. It has no side effects, it’s inexpensive and it works on all health challenges. It works by your imagination.

Our imaginary stories create our outcomes
Through the power of imagination we are all successful. Philosopher and author Dr. Sam Keen tells how through the Power of Stories we create the outcomes we experience in our lives. He extends this to nations … each having imagined a story or myth by which their country lives by.

This is easy to see, for example, look at the story that Israel and its Arab neighbors are operating under. Each has created and imagined their own spiritual myth, or story, which to them is worth living and dying for, even though both serve basically the same Old Testament Deity. Their fight over two spiritual myths has lasted for centuries.

Your story may be your greatest gift or greatest curse

Much of the abuse I suffered as a child left me with the story that, ‘I will never amount to anything.” That story has been in a way my greatest gift. I have spent most of my life trying to prove otherwise, and I know now I would never have accomplished what I did without the prodding I received from this negative input.

I don’t recommend abuse as a form of parenting, who’s to say how much more could have been accomplished by having a more encouraging and positive environment? Since realizing this, my new story is, “I live in a world of unlimited opportunities and everything is possible.”
By using your Imagination you open the door to your Intuitive, Creative, and Inspirational powers.

Want to find your story or guiding myth?

Then you must realize most of your stories come from childhood, as a child you interpreted events through a child’s eyes, from which you created your guiding story or myth that you are probably still living with today. Until you pay attention to the stories and myths you are running, you are destined to repeat the same outcomes over and over again.

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