Hidden Gems

By Wendy Schulz

Sometimes things of value are hidden in plain sight and once experienced I wonder what took me so long to include myself in this experience. This has been my story about the programs and work that Marlyn Farrell of Primal Nudgings offers.

For years I waited to take programs thinking that because I ‘knew’ Marlyn for so many years that I ‘knew’ what she was offering … not so. In the words of Cathy and Ernie McNally I had not been willing to not ‘know’ Marlyn as a way of opening and being curious about her, opening to ‘seeing and knowing’ her with fresh eyes and in ways I had not ‘known or seen’ her and the wisdom she brings to her offerings before.

Over the last few years I have taken several of Marlyn’s programs, volunteered with new ventures and worked with her privately. All of these experiences have been catalysts to significant changes in my life, significant changes to how I relate to my ‘self’, how I talk to my ‘self’ and how I see myself and my place in the world.

Marlyn has a unique way of including people during her courses and making room for all to participate in their own way. Each opportunity to participate with Marlyn I have met myself in a very deep, quiet and gentle way, always surprising myself with this result. Often the learning comes later; gently creeping up on me when I am about to jump into an old pattern of reaction. I feel this soft nudge, prodding me in a different direction, reminding me that I know a different way. I think it’s the creative, respectful and encouraging environment Marlyn sets up that bypasses the logical mind, creeps and in takes root in a place so deep in my body I barely recognize it. Each time I participate with Marlyn in one of her courses or with her privately I am a little more grounded in my self, within my body and in the knowledge of what is important to me.

I love logical left brain learning, I get a great sense of satisfaction from logical learning and yet the kind of learning environment that Marlyn sets up has been so valuable for me too. Perhaps it’s the inclusion of both sides of the brain. At any rate, I invite you to look at these hidden gems, take a deep breath, check in and see if you can sense a wee nudge that is saying ‘yes’ dive in!

For more information about the workshops Marlyn offers visit www.primalnudge.com or to subscribe to her mailing list for workshop updates and ongoing support click here.

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