Follow that Thread

A poem by Wendy Schulz, October 2010

What is that veil, that shroud, that film that lies on top, just above the air I need to breathe?

A haze of self doubt, fear, messages from days gone by, no longer relevant but added to the mix no less.

If I name it and gaze at it straight on, will it lift taking with it all that interferes with clear breath, settled soul and knowing mind?

Name it, name it I say, follow that thread that threatens to unravel that sweater, you know the one that is too tight and chokes at the neck.

Take up those needles and re-knit it, an afghan, a shawl perhaps?

Something flexible, versatile, warm and completely of my own making … home, I call it.


A note: While attending Living Alive Phase I recently, I began thinking about ‘my story’ and how I had been living my life through it, letting it define me and my life experience more than I cared to. Once I thought of that, I began to see how I carried it with me and how choked I felt living like that, how limiting and small that was. When asking myself how I was feeling in my body at different times I would notice that ‘my story’ was there, ready for me to take hold of it again and define how I was feeling through it. So, I wrote a poem to ‘my story’.

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