Decluttering and Inner Beauty

Rachel Davey writes: We have just completed a ‘decluttering’ of the fireplace area in the lodge, with the intention of highlighting the beautiful mantel that was created and donated by Paul Arnold. When I contacted Paul and sent him the photo, this was his reply:

“Thank you Rachel for your thoughtful email and attached photo. I believe the work I did on my own personal growth at The Haven played a role in saving my life from a grim diagnosis of prostate cancer that I had at that time in Phase I and, as well, redefined me in a manner that could not have ever happened elsewhere without Phase II and the other programs I experienced at The Haven. My life context was completely changed and to this day, 14 or so years later from my first experience with The Haven, I continue to receive and practice the benefits of my time spent with all of you wonderful people.

“Making that mantel was a real labour of love to give something back to The Haven and to all of you that create what it offers to us. My wish, as well, is that it will also bring warmth and comfort to all who sit near it or pass by it as they embrace the ‘gifts’ that the work of The Haven gives to them.

“What is really special for me around the mantel, was that I looked over many beaches in my small boat around Gabriola to find the right tree and there it was waiting for me to find it on my own “doorstep”, lying on the beach of my own property. It had rolled back and forth being beaten by waves, rocks and sand over time, but looked exactly what I wanted. It called to me to expose its inner beauty … very much like what The Haven has done for me and continues to for so many people … thanks to Ben (bless his soul), Jock and every one of you that has created the beauty of The Haven for humanity.

“Big hugs and love to all of you, and if I am on the Island I will always visit you caring people.”


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