Creativity: Things we forgot we knew

By Marlyn Farrell

Creativity isn’t just for artists. We express ourselves in the way we move through the world, create meals, play with children, or express our ideas at work. We also express our creativity through the arts.

In my workshops at The Haven, I use the arts (music, painting, etc.) to facilitate an opening of the body/mind and a trusting of the self.

When I ask a group to draw, someone inevitably tells me that they can’t. They can’t draw, paint, sing, dance, aren’t crafty, whatever form I suggest, there’s someone who thinks they can’t express themselves that way.

And yet every single time, with a bit of a nudge from me, when they let go and explore and allow themselves to believe they can, we see how wonderfully creative they are.

All we have to do to be creative (to think creatively) is trust that something within us will “know” what to do. Then draw the first line, make the first sound, write the first word, raise your head and dance.

When we explore life creatively, our explorations deepen and transformation is possible. As one man said to me, “I can easily fool myself with words and with drawing there is no place to hide.”

Try it. Release judgements, allow your creative mind to flow. Process your world not merely by deduction but using your intuition. As artist Susan Hillar said, “Art reminds us of things we forgot we knew.” Imagine what you could show yourself through art.

Marlyn Farrell has been associated with The Haven since 1985. She is leading two programs in November: Primal Whisperings (Nov 6–9) and Career Revisioning (Nov 19–22).

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