China Graduation of Class of 2012

To celebrate the graduation of the 2012 students in the Haven International Diploma in Leadership and Counselling, here are some photos of the occasion and a short article from Celia Wei and Sean Feng of Haiwen, our partners in China.

Led by Linda Nicholls, assisted by Leslie Whyte, Gloria Doran, Dodo Lee, David Boulding and translated by Cora Tao, Hettie Tu, Eva Bu, Virginia Wang, and Daniel Wei, a very successful and innovative Advanced Come Alive was delivered to Haiwen’s graduation class of 2012 of the Haven International Diploma in Leadership and Counseling Program during May 1-5, 2012. At the end of the program and afterwards, each and every graduate expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the program in terms of course design and leadership. Bathed in the feelings of accomplishment and much learning, the graduates held a moving ceremony to celebrate their graduation. The session room was decorated with flowers, lit by candle lights and filled with aroma. Friends, relatives and the previous graduates were invited to witness and share the joy of their loved ones and dear friends. Each graduate made a speech to highlight their learning in a manner of concision, but not without full feelings. At the end of the ceremony, Sean Feng, Haiwen’s Director of Education, made his traditional speech of recognition to each graduate.

Haiwen would like to make use of this opportunity to thank deeply all of the Haven Faculty and Haiwen’s team of translators who have taught, assisted and translated in China in general and the team of this last Advanced Come Alive in particular, for your hard work and excellent leadership. We owe you for the growth of Haiwen/Haven Community in China. Last but not the least, we thank you Rachel and Carole, for your diligent work of administration for and generous support to Haiwen.

With much warmth and appreciation

Celia Wei
General Manager

Sean Feng
Director of Education

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