Centering for the Gathering

By Cathy McNally


Wow! Many things converging in my life – like a gift.

Yesterday I turned 60.

May 1, I have the pleasure of joining Rachel on The Haven’s monthly Q&A online session, topic: listening.

May 10–15, I am representing The Haven in Greece at the Centers Gathering!

So what is the thread here? In Confucian writing about aging, the wisdom goes: “at sixty my ear was attuned” – which I take to mean I am ready to listen well, hearing more of what is truly offered. This is a good thing because I believe that ‘listening’ is my primary task at the gathering in Greece.

The original impulse for International Holistic Centers Gatherings is still inherent today: a recognition of the genuine value in the Centers meeting in a relaxed way to exchange insights, information, and best practices – in a spirit of friendship, collaboration and mutual support. Centers come from all around the world, and broadly have – at their core – a shared intention to support improvement in the lives of the many thousands who attend their programs.


This year’s Centers Gathering is on the Pelion Peninsula in Greece. The film Mama Mia with Meryl Streep was filmed here!

At each gathering there is not a fixed formal program of speeches and presentations, rather each center is invited to propose their offering, and request any support they seek. The gathering self organizes, and – in my experience (I attended in 2005 and 2006) – the results are remarkable, bringing significant impact for all.

I am excited and looking forward to this journey. It is my intention to write and share about my experience as it unfolds.

Thanks for listening!


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