Birthday Wishes to the Haven

From Karin Yeung Matthews:

Happy Birthday to the Haven! I am so profoundly grateful that the Haven exists and has been the place where I have found myself and continue to grow into who I am. Thanks to Ben and Jock for creating the Haven and thanks to all of the amazing leaders and fellow adventurers that have helped me come alive into my incredible life. – Karin Yeung Matthews

Loving is Eternal

From Venita Ramirez:

Ben, Jock, Joann, Linda, Dianne and many people too numerous to mention are all part of me, my consciousness and maybe even my DNA now, and I am a better and happier person for it. I cannot begin to express in words the healing and transformation that occurred for me during my time at Haven from 1986-1996. The Haven community was and is family to me. I was intellectually and emotionally parented and “siblinged” there. It/you provided a solid foundation that will support me (to support others) for the rest of my life. Just the other day in one of our Pacific Integral programs I quoted B and J, passing along their teaching that “Loving is Eternal”. I have no doubt, that is true. I am sorry I am not there to celebrate in body. Know that I am loving you Ben, Jock, Joann and all of you who were my fellow students, friends and teachers, now and always, with deep, inexpressible Gratitude. And to everyone who continues to keep The Haven alive, Thank you! Venita

Continued Curiosity

From Monique Mulaire:

If it wasn’t for the opportunity to attend Haven programs starting approx. 15 years ago I would not be the person I’ve become. I’m so grateful to Ben & Jock & everyone who continues their work.

I send my love & affection & wish them health, wealth & continued curiosity. P.S. hope to be back soon.

Four Generations

From Michael Pryor:

Great food as always … I imagine. Happy 30th Birthday to all the people who have played a part in the Haven for three decades. Group leaders, participants, staff members and of course Ben and Jock. All of you have made The Haven a very special place for “four generations” of my Family. Thank you all.

Dance tunes

From Sarah Fleury

If you could play Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams and Into My Car” and/or “Good Thing” by the Fine Young Cannibals many of us might remember dancing to them alongside Dianne Anderson. And, one of my favourites is Old Time Rock and Roll (Bob Seger). Looking forward to dancing and celebrating with old friends on Saturday night. Sarah

Gone fishin

From Tom and Janet Lesosky

Hi…we’re up in Haida Gwai with Mike Meegan and we’re goin’ fishin!! Happy Birthday Haven!! We’ll find some cake and ice cream to celebrate with all of you. We’ve only been Havenites for half of those 30 years and we’ve loved every moment of time on the property. We wish all the spirited and magical leaders, staff and fellow participants the Happiest of Birthdays on this momentus occasion. We miss you and we’re their in spirit. Party one everyody

Birthday Wishes

From Joanne Cimbalo

Sending endless gratitude for the existence of this absolutely magical/miraculous place – The Haven – and all those involved in creating and sustaining it! Without question, one of the biggest gifts of my life. My wish is that it continues to reach, teach, and influence more and more people. What could possibly be a bigger blessing for the world.?!

I love to describe the process that takes place at the Haven as answering the invitation from Rumi – “Let everyone climb up on their roofs and sing their note. Sing Loud!”

I am definitely there with all of you – in that place where we found our notes. How lucky are we?!

Intention – Happy 30th Birthday Haven

From Rosemary Smith:

What comes to my mind in the sharings offered by all … is ‘Intention’. I like what Jennifer Hilton mentioned about tendrils. I am thinking about the tendrils of intention. Begun by Ben and Jock … I think of Haven as having the tendrils of ‘intention of relationship’ moving through my own life. Reaching and moving through my own relationship to my self, with others, with the world. Full circle. I will be with Haven … Haven’s friends, staff, visitors…with you in spirit. From my Heart … with gratitude … Happy 30th Birthday Haven! Lovingly, Rosemary

Good Wishes from Edmonton

The Haven has been a place of learning and growing for us for more than 20 years. We are grateful to Ben and Jock for their vision and to all the others who have contributed to the development of this wonderful place. We have made many enduring friendships at The Haven. When we are there we feel at home. Although we are unable to join in the celebrations we send you many good wishes from Edmonton.

Mary and Gary Holdgrafer

Happy Birthday!

From Mark Gunderson

Happy Birthday to my favorite place except wherever Sandy and I are.

Specially for Ben and Jock, I would like to acknowledge this day as a wonderful reflective moment before we once again move quickly into the future.

We’ll be out in a couple of weeks for a course and will hopefully see some of you then.

Happy 30th Birthday Haven

From Randy Wong

Congratulations to The Haven on your 30th Birthday and to all who have contributed to the organization over the years. I remember the very early days that included a take out pizza operation, public restaurant and bar with colourful locals frequenting the joint on weekend evenings, and a private campground along Crystal lane. We used to joke that Dad and Jock were like John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, bumbling through trying to run an inn – while also offering personal development workshops. When I was 19 I was able to be the bartender during my summer breaks from university – it was during this time that I became very interested in the programs that were being offered – as I would talk to the participants after their evening groups when they would come to the bar. The Haven has deeply touched the lives of so many people over the years and, with the skills and dedication of the board, management, faculty, and staff, has successfully transformed from a privately owned business to a non-profit organization. This is a time to acknowledge and celebrate The Haven’s past and its future goals. It has come a long way from those days of pizza making and campground cleaning! ps – classic Saturday night dance songs from the early days included: It’s Raining Men (seems like they played this song constantly for the first 15 years), Billie Jean, Beat It, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This, and Come On Eileen.

Happy Happy Birthday

From Sandra Holmes

Happy Birthday dear Haven, happy birthday to you…
all the very best from me here in Clearwater, BC
My birthday wish for you is that you will continue to provide opportunities for people to learn and grow towards improved health and happiness resulting in peace in our world. Fondly and peacefully yours, Sandra

I Have Such Deep Gratitude

From Carolyn Clarke:

Happy Birthday to you, Haven Institute!

Congratulations to you, Jock and Ben for creating a most amazing centre where people from all around the world can come to learn about Self, deepen communication skills, build healthier relationship and open our hearts to love and this amazing life.

It has been the greatest life changing opportunity for me to be a part of approximately five Haven programs over these last number of years and gratitude is deeply rooted in my Being, as a result. My “Work” there at Haven has given me the courage to look at myself and my life more sincerely and take the action necessary to live more authentically. To each of you that have been a part of my Haven experience, I offer my warmest thank you’s. Ernie and Cathy, you have been and continue to be two wonderfully important mentor companions on my road of life and I love you both for it.

I look forward to my future adventures there at Haven, with other incredible fellow journeyers daring to live more richly. Haven is a foundation in every aspect of my Being now… thank you.

Sincerely, Carolyn Clarke

P.S. It gives me joy to know that Haven’s front lodge door looks spiffy, after my refinishing efforts at Unplugged a few years back.

Guest Faculty at The Haven

From David Hatfield

Hi everyone,
I wanted to send my joy, love and admiration of the Haven and all its amazing people on this 30th anniversary celebration. I’m a relative newcomer to the Haven and am ever increasingly grateful to be linked to such a soulful and skillful community of fellow beings. I am always impressed with the people I encounter at the Haven and also of its leadership. I believe the Haven is embracing transformation and change by re-examining its own persona and intentions. In doing so, by doing this hard work, I believe the Haven will continue to be a role model of organizational resiliency during the upheavals to come in this century of challenge. Rock on Haven! May there by many more auspicious anniversaries to come for you in the future! With love and gratitude,

David Hatfield

A Happening Birthday to You, Haven!

From Ron Nye

Best wishes on your big day, Haven. As Mick Jagger can attest, there’s plenty life left after 30! Keep on rocking!


Dear Haven friends; many congratulations on your 30th anniversary. I’m so grateful for your community leadership, environmental stewardship, and the beautiful teachings arising from your work. I’m sorry to miss celebrating with you in person (I’ll be at Hollyhock, interestingly enough…) but am wishing you well from afar.

With thanks,

Sheila Malcolmson
Chair, Islands Trust Council
Gabriola Island Trustee

Birthday Greetings

From Virgil Nixon and Lynn Nixon (Parmenter)

We both wish The Haven very warm 30th birthday greetings. We want to be included with you in the worldwide meditation on Friday.

Dance Music Suggestions

“Older” music suggestions for the dance:

Good Golly Miss Molly – by Little Richard
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love – The Blues Brothers

30th Birthday Greetings

From Lynn Nixon (Parmenter)

I send my warmest greetings for this August celebration of The Haven’s 30th birthday! I am with you in heart and spirit, if not in body. Ever since I met The Haven in 1984, I have sensed The Haven to be my home – even when I am at home elsewhere. I want to thank all of you I have met – living and passed on – for being part of my voyage of discovery, part of my learning about you and about me. I see us all as family.

In the past couple of years, I have reconnected with cousins I haven’t seen in a long time. This weekend many of us will be at a burial celebration for the last of my mother’s generation. I am sad and I am happy, all at the same time, about this – not being in one place with people I love, and being in another place with people I love; saying “goodbye” to someone dear, and joining with family to remember and connect.

The Haven is where I learned/learn what feelings are, and I now rejoice in all the range of feelings that I have. The Haven is where I learned/learn that being open to loving – loving you, loving myself – makes my life a great one! I’ve come a loooong way, baby, from when I saw life as nothing but blackness and despair 30 years ago! How fortunate I am that I wanted to seek out another way of being, how fortunate I am that the people of The Haven exist, and how fortunate I am that I have met or may meet all of you! How fortunate I am!

My wishes for The Haven are that this continues and expands as a sacred location where anyone who wants to can come to discover, in their own way, the joy, the tears, the pain, the great fun, the respect, the connection, that I have experienced. My dream is that everyone will want to – will want to bloom in full humanness.

Where I am … and some dance tunes

From Jennifer Hilton:

I am in Nova Scotia…will miss being there and seeing everyone. I would like to be included in the world wide meditation.

Some recent(ish) favourite dance songs to share…
– Hey, Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix) Dennis Ferrer
– Blue Jeans (Jesse James)
– Diavolo in Me (Zucchero & Solomon Burke)
– Happy (feat. Derek Martin) C2C

Birthday message and wish

From Jennifer Hilton:

All in my heart Haven … the people, the place, the spirit. With the deepest gratitude for the connection, learning, fun and the challenges. May the tendrils of what we offer continue to touch, soften, deepen and open people to their own hearts and potential. All in my heart Haven — Happy 30th!!

Happy 30th Anniversary to the Haven

From Helene McIntosh:

I am sorry that I can’t attend this wonderful celebration. My thoughts and best wishes will be with you all over the weekend. Since I attended the Come Alive Program about 10 years ago, I have managed to quit smoking after smoking for 50 years! I have shifted gears and am extremely content and happy. I am surrounded by a loving husband, who has survived four major cancer surgeries and we are very grateful that we have had this journey together. His courage and determination have set an example to many who know him and love him.

Thank you for offering the support that you do. Enjoy the celebrations!

15 years of magic

Thanks Ernie and Cathy for the wonderful meditation. I loved remembering my very first visit to Haven in 1997 or 98 at Maria’s insistence. I came for a skeptical look and thought all those wacky people in workshops had too much time on their hands! Came back in crisis some months later and began the most exciting journey of healing, learning, growing and expanding. What a fabulous ride!!! Thanks to everyone at Haven who has touched my heart and enriched my life. Happy 30th birthday Haven. With love.

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