2016 Artist in Residence: Week 2!

By Justin Kautz

Week two has come and gone with more beautiful weather, plenty of performance opportunities and Alpacas. And the odd missed turn leading to extra scenic drives.

Highlights of the week include being featured on the Gabriola Island News with Andy Rollerson, playing for the Come Alive closing campfire on Thursday night, putting together my second performance-ready original on the guitar “Letting Go of Alone”, Jamming an open-mic and karaoke into a single night and spending time on the bridge of the Gabriola BC Ferry.

The list could go on! Beautiful dining at the Surf, musical evenings, sunny days, great bike rides, productive work-hours, feral turkeys. It’s just a great space, place and time!

I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing many people transformed by the Come Alive program here at The Haven and am looking forward to the day I get to take the program myself.

Here’s to a wonderful closing two weeks on the Island! Thank you Gabriola (and just a touch of Nanaimo).

Justin and alpacas

Mary and Gary

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