Phase II: Relationships


Nov 16 - Nov 19, 2019

Transform the ways you relate

This is part of the Living Alive Phase II program and is only open to Living Alive Phase II participants and people they have invited to participate.

This three-day program provides information and experience by which significant relationships can be improved and new relationships can be established in healthy ways.

Most people live their lives in relationship to others, be they partners, friends, business colleagues or other members of their family. However, many of us are ill-prepared to maintain these relationships. Frequently, even what began with the best of intention, can spiral into confusion, poor communication, mutual resentment, emotional isolation, non-supportive behaviour and ultimately, embattled separation. With the tools offered in this program it is possible for willing partners to work through difficulties to create rewarding and growing relationships.

This program is for:

  •  Couples wanting to increase their intimacy
  •  Anyone who wishes to improve their relationships
  •  Couples, friends or family members whose relationships have grown stale or unhappy
  •  Couples who have separated or are separating, and want clarity
  •  Individuals who wish to explore how intimacy can be developed
  •  People wanting to understand the dynamic evolution of relationships and intimacy
  •  People wanting to improve their communication, resolve differences, and make their relationships more meaningful

There will be presentations exploring the principles and development of relationships, with special attention given to common difficulties along the path of personal intimacy.

Participants will explore these principles and difficulties with their partners. In both small and large groups, each person and couple will have as much privacy as desired. Most of the explorations involve discussion, augmented by communication exercises and assignments.

Schedule Note: This program begins at 3pm on the first day.

Current year regular tuition: $860.00

Current year early-bird tuition: $800.00

Tuition fees do not include meals or accommodation.

*This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.   As such, the registrar did not review this program.