Donor-Sponsored Projects

Thanks to generous supporters of our 2020 Year End campaign, these exciting projects are underway. You can still make a donation to sponsor one of these projects or make a Universal Donation, which allows us to allocate the funding!

The Projects:

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As an organization and as people, we’re taking a hard look at ourselves. How can we be more diverse and inclusive? How can we promote equity and justice? We’re clear that we don’t know what we don’t know, which is why we’re working with a Diversity Equity and Inclusion professional, Amil Reddy, and others. Earlier this year, our Board sponsored an organization-wide training (Change Begins with Us) with Amil and we’re engaging experts on an assessment of our teaching models. We’re asking for your support to continue this work and move toward a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive Haven and beyond… 

We’ve raised $11,003

Integrated Community Experience

We have a vision of an experience that seamlessly integrates Haven in-person with Haven online. Our hope is to improve the overall Haven experience for visitors to campus and online learners in a more accessible, integrated, and user-friendly way. Our current site has served a purpose, but it’s expensive to maintain, outdated, not optimized for mobile, and limited in functionality. It takes 18 clicks to add 1 image to a page! We want to make existing features like our blog, resources, and registration easier to access and offer new services like e-learning, an online Haven gift store, and online bodywork booking. Help us build an online presence that’s reflective of the quality programming we offer and that provides the support and resources our participants are looking for. 

We’ve raised $19,901

The top inquiries we continue to receive are — you guessed it — when will we be offering Come Alive again? Will we offer it online? Our leaders have carefully considered these requests. To maintain the integrity and profound transformational impact of the program, we won’t be offering Come Alive in a physically distanced way or even online. What we do plan to offer, however, is a NEW Tools for Aliveness series. Our online Communication Basics program that introduces The Haven’s Communication Model continues to sell out. Help us expand our online offerings for Haven Models and teachings like the Selves Model and Resonance Model. By investing in Tools for Aliveness, you’ll create opportunities for people to learn and revisit Haven models in an accessible and interactive way from anywhere in the world! 

We’ve raised $10,236

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“The Haven have managed to bring their unique, inspiring format and approach to the virtual platform. It’s wonderful to be able to have a slice of The Haven in my own home, especially in these challenging times.”

– Dr Helen Peel 

We continue to hear that our online check-ins and workshops are offering essential support, connection, and growth for alumni and new members to our community. We’ve also heard demand for ongoing access to visualizations, guided breathing and meditation practices, podcast episodes, and more. Help us partner with local producers to create high-quality, pre-recorded audio and visual content that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Your donation will help us seed this pilot project, which we hope will grow into a breadth and depth of digitized Haven resources.  

We’ve raised $5,000

Give & Get: When you donate to this project, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek before we launch!  

If you know our Maintenance Supervisor, Kevin, from his Instagram Takeover or from programs and property visits, you’ll know he works hard to care for our campus. This year he squeezed the last life out of lawn tractor that’s been essential equipment for our team for over twenty years! We want to invest in a new garden tractor to help us maintain the property, keep our walkways safe in winter, save on outsourcing jobs, and support our hardworking staff and volunteers. Help us buy a tractor and accessories for the next 20!  

We’ve raised $8,000 

Over the years, we’ve collected feedback from thousands of participants claiming profound and life-changing shifts. We’re interested in formally tracking these transformations with an evidence-based research project so that we can better access grants and government funding to expand our reach. Proving the short- and long-term efficacy of Haven programs may also support participants in gaining sponsorship from community organizations or employers. We’re working with an independent research and evaluation professional and have begun tracking our most recent participants with internationally recognized survey questions.  

We’ve raised $6,150