Come Alive Matching Incentive

another picRefer new participants to Come Alive and receive a tuition credit on your Haven account!

How does the incentive work?

In a nutshell, refer a new participant to Experience Come Alive by offering them a $250 credit towards their tuition, and we’ll give you a $250 credit on your tuition account at The Haven.

Refer one person, get a $250 credit, refer 4 and get a $1000 credit, 10 for $2500!

Why are we doing this?

Word-of-mouth continues to encourage more new participants than any other channel – a trusted, personal recommendation makes the most impact. That's why we'd like your help to spread the word.

This matching incentive is intended to increase Come Alive participation and help you defray a portion of your tuition costs – you help them, we help you, and we all benefit!

Tell your family, friends and co-workers, shout it from the roof tops!

The fine print

  • $250 credit for you – at the time of registration, your friend must identify you as the referrer. When your friend confirms their registration with a non-refundable deposit (minimum deposit or greater payment), we will apply a $250 tuition credit to your Haven account. This offer is available for each new participant that completes a registration for Come Alive – refer 4 people and receive a $1000 credit, refer 10 people and receive a $2500 credit – the sky is the limit! This offer is exclusive and may not be combined with any other offer except as permitted by The Haven. To be eligible for the $250 referrer credit, you must have previously completed a Come Alive. This offer is not available to faculty, assistants, diploma grads, staff, and family of staff, as these groups are already eligible for special pricing when they register for Haven programs.
  • $250 credit for your friend – when your friend confirms their new registration for a Come Alive with a minimum non-refundable deposit (or greater payment), we will apply a $250 credit towards the tuition balance due on that Come Alive program. Limit one per person. This offer is exclusive and may not be combined with any other offer except as permitted by The Haven. For example, a person may apply their Haven Toolkit discount coupon or the $250 referee credit from this incentive, but not both. Bursary recipients are eligible for this incentive.
  • New participants only – the person that you refer must be a new participant – they have never attended a Come Alive or any other catalogue program at The Haven.
  • Tuition only, no cash value – the $250 referee credit may only be applied to the cost of tuition for a new registration for a Come Alive at The Haven – it may not be applied to meals, store purchases, accommodation, bodywork or other categories. The $250 referrer credit can be applied to any tuition balance including pre-existing tuition balances and tuition for new registrations.
  • Some restrictions apply – credits will be applied at the sole discretion of The Haven. This is a limited time offer. This offer may be modified or withdrawn without prior notice at any time.


Contact a registrar if you have questions about eligibility or other terms of The Haven’s Come Alive Matching Incentive and start accruing your referrer tuition credits today!

Haven Registrars
800 222 9211 x1

Download a PDF of this information.

Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you again soon at The Haven, and to welcoming new friends!