Strategic direction

future is brightOur vision is clear, and the future is bright. We will continue to enable positive change in the world through our transformative education programs in self-responsible relational living. 

The 2018-2020 Business Plan specifies eleven goals organized into three strategic areas:

  • Relationships – we will deepen our engagement with participants, interns, faculty and operations team, extending our reach and impact, developing and supporting our leaders, and further enriching the experiences of all.
  • Programs – maintaining our high standards of quality and integrity, we will do more of what we do best, and adapt to the evolving needs of our participants.
  • Operations – we will strive for optimization in all facets of our business and manage in a manner that is socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible.

This Business Plan was adopted and revised from previous iterations of the strategic plan. This version of the Business Plan is intended to address the immediate priorities for the organization that will lead to long term sustainability.