Guest Faculty

Ken Ouendag invites people to explore new ways of connecting with nature, while opening the door to the healing properties of forests and other natural environments.

Jean-Pierre is a culture change partner, senior executive coach, team Facilitator, curriculum designer, co-founder of The Trust Factory with his wife Carole Lévy, founding member at Learning as Leadership (LAL), and faculty member at Inner Activist, a leadership program dedicated to supporting social activists, under the Tides Canada u

Jay Wade is a facilitator who leads transformative programs with youth and adults exploring masculinity, sexuality, gender, sustainable living and nature connection. He is a Youth & Family Worker, Certified Sexual Health Educator and an Intern at the Haven.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser PhD is an award-winning educator, researcher and author.  Her approach to the epidemic of bullying and abuse is to cure it with neuroscientific research that confirms centuries of knowledge about mindfulness, exercise and empathy. 

Myriam Verzat, CNVC Trainer Candidate, is an experienced Compassionate Communication (NVC) trainer at Reconnect. Myriam creates a safe and welcoming space for deep emotional work to take place. She is connected to her emotions and body which enlivens the workshop and holds it all with a great sense of humor.

Born in Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada in 1963, Joël A. Prévost spent a few years on Vancouver Island before moving to Nova Scotia to study Community Development. He then continued his education and worked for a few years in Ottawa before returning to Western Canada in the mid-80's.

An early interest in the connection of the body and mind led Doreen to the study of yoga in her teens and then onto Tai Chi and Chinese Medicine soon after. Inspired by the big changes that  came to her own health, both mental and physical, Doreen has been practicing and teaching Bodymind Acupressure for over 35 years, in Canada and internationally.

G.V. Loewen is Canada's second social philosopher. The author of over thirty books, he is an internationally recognized scholar in aesthetics, education, ethics and religion. More recently, he has written a 10 volume fantasy adventure saga for young persons.

Leah Hokanson is a vocalist, pianist, conductor, music educator, facilitator, and vocal sound healer based on Gabriola Island, BC.

Cheryl L. McLean M.A. is a leading international publisher, researcher and practitioner in the field of the creative arts