Core Faculty

加拿大The Haven學院核心導師


加拿大The Haven學院董事及核心導師

李文淑,是一位熱情、專業、平易近人,擁有豐富人生閱歷,以人性為出發點的導師。淡江大學文學士、美國杜蘭大學企管碩士、加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學藝術學士。在她熱情關懷和洞察人心的教學經驗中,文淑有效地整合了她的生命經驗與企業背景,巧妙地將心理咨商、教練領導,與創意啟發等不同的技巧應用於身心靈整合的全人教育工作。多年來她在加拿大、中國大陸,以及臺灣帶領成長團體,宣導身心環保,引導學員從桎梏的個人模式中,轉化潛能,蛻變出每個人自己的獨特風格與領袖魅力。文淑目前是加拿大The Haven 學院唯一入選進入核心教授群的華人。  


Gillian Enright RMT, BA, DipC, Cert Gerontology is an accomplished teacher in holistic health body dynamics. With a loving spirit, honesty and humour, she leads Come Alive and Living Alive II.

Leslie Whyte DipC, Certified Calling in "The One" Conscious Uncoupling and Feminine Power Coach, brings a natural curiosity and caring to her work at The Haven, leading Come Alive and Living Alive I & II.

Graemme Brown DipC has been associated with The Haven since 1985. He is dedicated to compassionate and gentle inquiry,  focused on his experience with the philosophy of Virginia Satir, Jungian shadow work and Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing system.

Ian Curtin BComm, DipC is a founding member of The Inner Activist. He leads Come Alive and Couples in Conflict at The Haven.

Derek LaCroix QC, DipC is the Executive Director of the Lawyers Assistance Program of BC. Since 1987, Derek has made personal development, spiritual growth, and working with others his life focus.

Wendy Huntington MA, LMFT, DipC is a family therapist, group facilitator, and teacher.

Cathy McNally BSc, DipC is passionate about people and possibility. Growing up in a mix of cultures, with a background in business and teams, Cathy is curious about the gift of differences, and is committed to connection and understanding. 

Cathy Wilder, Haven Core Faculty, MEd, RCC, Dip-C, is a creative and compassionate group leader, counsellor and coach, who leads Come Alive, and Deep Listening: Core Skills for Coaching, and other workshops in both Canada and China.