Myriam Verzat

Myriam Verzat, CNVC Trainer Candidate, is an experienced Compassionate Communication (NVC) trainer at Reconnect. Myriam creates a safe and welcoming space for deep emotional work to take place. She is connected to her emotions and body which enlivens the workshop and holds it all with a great sense of humor.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has been a very important part of her life since she was a child. Her parents introduced it to her family when she was a teenager. After the first steps of rebellion, she quickly realized the power that resided in Marshall Rosenberg’s work. It became a part of her own life’s journey.

Originally from France, Myriam worked in Montreal teaching with NVC Trainer Erik Perna Salazar, performing with PlayBack Theatre Ollin and improvisation troupe Lindex  and presenting public engagement pieces exploring relationship between self, other and the natural world. Now residing in British Columbia, Myriam leads workshops and support groups in many different types of contexts such as schools, organizations, community groups and summer camps.

As an entrepreneur, mother and co-housing member Myriam sees daily how Nonviolent Communication contributes to working through conflict with ease and makes life more beautiful. As an environmental educator, she also believes that we need to make a deep change in the way we relate to ourselves, to each other and to the planet if we want to survive as a species on this planet. She wants to take part in the great turning that is needed by sharing NVC with change agents.