James Emler

I have been a photographer for over 40 years and despite the fact that I no longer accept commissions, I still do my own thing as well as draw from a pretty large body of work.

My roots are in film of course but I now use digital as well as it allows me to bring new ideas to my picture making. I work specifically to the print and am now incorporating other media such as drawing and painting into my practice. Last year I was fortunate to acquire an Improved Seneca 5×7 View Camera which I am now working with. I am shooting paper negatives and though I find it very challenging, It is a thrilling project. I hope to be posting work from this project soon.

I have authored three books on the subjects of photography and seeing; Nudes, Photographs, Notes, Observations and Ideas; Search For Silence, Photographs and Notes; and, Dreams and Realities which is available in PDF or EPUB format.

My work has also been featured in a number of other publications including Rod Ashford’s Lighting for Nude Photography available from Amazon.com

I have been very fortunate to extend my love for the medium by teaching. For 6 years I was the head instructor at Focal Point – the Visual Arts Learning Centre. For 2 years I served as Department Head for the digital photography program at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts where I was also Chairman of their Advisory Board.

Today I live on Gabriola Island, BC where I still pursue my passion, making pictures, books and folios of limited edition prints.

Looking back, the best times for me were when I was teaching photography at Focal Point, Vancouver Photo Workshops, UBC, and Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

I have recently completed developing a new workshop that I am thrilled to be offering in the near future. I have been working on this for years and feel that it is the best thing I have ever done. It is titled Photography and the Search for Meaning.

Find James Emler, Photography and the Search for Meaning on Facebook and at JamesEmler.com