Haven faculty

Haven faculty members are highly skilled and bring their diverse qualifications, backgrounds and life experience into their work in support of the participants in their programs. They embody and model what they teach in a very personal way. Find out more about them here.

Al Chambers has a PhD in Therapeutic Counselling, a Masters in Counselling Psychology, a Diploma in Counselling, and a degree in Business. He has worked for 25 years in therapy and psychology, has taught at universities and colleges, and leads programs throughout Asia and Canada.

Angela Walkley, MA in Leadership, CNVC Trainer, is the co-founder of Farthest Shore Workshops and the Salish Sea Empathy Society, and the founder of the social change facilitation firm, Cambio Consulting.

Bettina Rothe is a facilitator of conscious movement practices and community building. Her passion is to ignite connection with self, to others and to the continuum of all life.

Brad Cassidy is a certified Sacred Centres practitioner who has trained and practised widely. He has a passion for the raising of consciousness and the awakening of hearts.

Dr. Liam ‘captain’ Snowdon is a Sexologist, Counsellor and Somatic Sex Educator/Bodyworker in practice in Victoria, BC and Portland Oregon. He specializes in working with folks around gender, sex and sexuality.

Carole Ames BES, DipC, MTC is the founder of Creative Pursuits and leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I and The Quantum Laugh at The Haven.

Catherine Fallis PhD, RCC, DipC has more than 25 years' experience using movement and the expressive arts in her work with individuals and groups.

Cathy McNally BSc, DipC is passionate about people and possibility. Growing up in a mix of cultures, with a background in business and teams, Cathy is curious about the gift of differences, and is committed to connection and understanding. 

Cathy Wilder PhD, MEd, RCC, DipC is a creative and compassionate group leader, counsellor and coach, who leads Come Alive and Deep Listening: Core Skills for Coaching.

Cheryl L. McLean M.A. is a leading international publisher, researcher and practitioner in the field of the creative arts

CrisMarie Campbell BS, MBA, DipC, Master Certified Martha Beck Coach, Mind-Body Coach, leads Come Alive and Couples Alive with Susan Clarke, with whom she founded Thrive! Inc.

David Hatfield is a leadership consultant and educational facilitator. He specializes in designing and delivering transformative, experiential programming with organizations, groups and individuals.

Associated with The Haven since its foundation, David Raithby DipC, MEd, RSW has an intuitive and heartfelt style and brings a wealth of skill and experience to his programs in Canada and internationally.

Denise Goldbeck MA, PhD cand., DipC, RCC is a developmental psychologist specializing in social and moral development in children. She is the founder of Kids in the Spotlight and The Haven's Youth Leadership Program.

Derek LaCroix QC, PhD, DipC is the Executive Director of the Lawyers Assistance Program of BC. Since 1987, Derek has made personal development, spiritual growth, and working with others his life focus.

An early interest in the connection of the body and mind led Doreen to the study of yoga in her teens and then onto Tai Chi and Chinese Medicine soon after.  Inspired by the big changes that  came to her own health, both mental and physical, Doreen has been practicing and teaching  Bodymind Acupressure for over 35 y

G.V. Loewen is Canada's second social philosopher. The author of over thirty books, he is an internationally recognized scholar in aesthetics, education, ethics and religion. More recently, he has written a 10 volume fantasy adventure saga for young persons.

Elfi Dillon-Shaw RMT, DipC is a registered massage practitioner, bodyworker and educator who teaches programs on sexuality, body practices and stress management. She created and leads The Haven's core program Sexual Intelligence.

Eric Bibb has been singing, song-writing, and performing since a young age, surrounded by greats like Pete Seeger, Odetta, Paul Robeson, and his father Leon Bibb. At The Haven, he leads Spirit in the Song.

Gary Dillon MA has studied psychology, theology, and movement therapy, with an emphasis on Esalen massage, Hawaiian shamanic bodywork, and Taoist and Western esoteric transformations of Eros. He co-leads with his wife Elfi Dillon-Shaw and teaches internationally.

Geoffrey Carr PhD, R.Psych, CPT-S has been a professor of psychology at UBC and SFU. A Registered Psychologist in BC for 25 years, he has both published research and taught on psychological assessment.

Gillian Enright RMT, MTC, BA, DipC, Cert Gerentology is an accomplished teacher in holistic health body dynamics. With a loving spirit, honesty and humour, she leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase II, Sensational Contact, and Connective Touch.

Gina Marie Mammano is an award-winning poet and the author of Camino Divina - Walking the Divine Way: A Book of Moving Meditations with Likely and Unlikely Saints published by SkyLight Paths Publishing/Turner Publishing.

Graemme Brown DipC has been associated with The Haven since 1985. He is dedicated to compassionate and gentle inquiry,  focused on his experience with the philosophy of Virginia Satir, Jungian shadow work and Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing system.

Greg Gurel RPC uses his fun nature and passionate enthusiasm for anger exploration to lead Anger, Boundaries, and Safety at The Haven. He has a private counselling practice in Vancouver.

Hilary Masson has been a sea kayak eco-guide since 2003, sharing her passion for natural history, ecology and marine safety.

Ian Curtin BComm, DipC, MTC is President of IC Possibilities Consulting Inc. and a founder and faculty member of The Inner Activist. He leads Come Alive and Couples in Conflict at The Haven.

James Emler has been a photographer for over 40 years and taught photography at Focal Point, Vancouver Photo Workshops, UBC, and Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

Jane Geesman MFA has well over 30 years’ experience as an actor (onstage and television), director and teacher. She has trained and taught extensively at The Haven, and leads Act Natural with Sarah Lucht.

Jane Kilthei RM(Hon), DipC brings an open heart and a desire to create a more compassionate world to the programs she leads and assists in.

Jane Olynyk DTCM, BA, DipC is a counsellor, acupuncturist, and group facilitator and The Haven's Director of Intern Training. She leads Come Alive, New Horizons: Phase III, Five Elements Practicum, Sensational Contact, Connective Touch, and Dynamic Empathy.

Jay Wade is a facilitator who leads transformative programs with youth and adults exploring masculinity, sexuality, gender, sustainable living and nature connection. He is a Youth & Family Worker, Certified Sexual Health Educator and an Intern at the Haven.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser PhD is an award-winning educator, researcher and author.  Her approach to the epidemic of bullying and abuse is to cure it with neuroscientific research that confirms centuries of knowledge about mindfulness, exercise and empathy. 

Jennifer Hilton CEC, DipC, Owner, Take The Next Step Coaching, is an empathetic relationship focused coaching practitioner and facilitator. Her passion is building healthy relationships and enabling people from all walks of life to reach their maximum well-being and potential.

Jennifer Roger BAppSc(PT), MD, CCFP and Blair Stanley BSc, MD, FCFP are rural family physicians and clinical faculty with the University of British Columbia. They have each been through separation and divorce and lived as single people in their 40s before coming together as life partners. Together they lead Life after Separation and Relationships Skills for Singles.

Jim Edwards BSW, RSW, CCAC has been helping people with Addictions and Mental Health issues for over thirty-five years.  As a gifted facilitator, Jim demonstrates passion and enthusiasm for helping people change.

Jo-Ann Kevala Dip HGF, BA is a results-oriented senior executive with over 25 years of progressive leadership experience in the high-tech and emerging technologies businesses. The Haven has been a catalyst in her journey to finding self-compassion, balance and a way to live a more congruent life.

Joann Byres, Dip. C., MTC, has been connected with The Haven since 1993. She combines a Masters Degree in Therapeutic Counselling with almost two decades of business leadership experience as owner of a successful software company and an executive for a Fortune 500 company.

Jock McKeen MD, LicAc(UK), DLitt, Haven Faculty Emeritus co-founded The Haven with Bennet Wong in 1983. 

Born in Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada in 1963, Joël A. Prévost spent a few years on Vancouver Island before moving to Nova Scotia to study Community Development. He then continued his education and worked for a few years in Ottawa before returning to Western Canada in the mid-80's.

Josee Velsen has lived on gorgeous Gabriola Island for 15 years. Together with her husband, they have raised two incredible children, many hens and three alpacas, built a healthy home, and created La Belle Vie Wellness Studio.

Judi Oakes MA, CCPA has facilitated workshops for over 35 years in the areas of family of origin, addictions, grief, and trauma.

Judith and Gerry Fewster PhD are senior psychotherapists and educators who direct an international IBP institute dedicated to the advancement of human potential through relationships. They lead Body, Self & Soul and other IBP training programs at The Haven.

Kelly Price is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), and a Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F) in training. Her teaching integrates advanced training in the therapeutic, technical and spiritual applications of yoga with an in-depth knowledge of eastern/western anatomy, patho-physiology, movement rehabilitation and somatic and transpersonal psychology.

Kristina Campbell is a multimedia artist who cares deeply about life and intimate connection. She delights in using creative processes to share her playful passion for living life fully.

Kristina Wray Baerg MA, Cert ConRes enjoys facilitating work that enables people to learn and grow together and to realize personal and/or organizational goals.

Leah Hokanson is a vocalist, pianist, conductor, music educator, facilitator, and vocal sound healer based on Gabriola Island, BC.

Leslie Whyte MTC, DipC, Certified Calling in "The One" Conscious Uncoupling and Feminine Power Coach, brings a natural curiosity and caring to her work at The Haven, leading Come Alive and Living Alive Phase I & II.

Linda Nicholls DipC, MTC, PhD has worked closely with founders Ben Wong and Jock McKeen since Haven began.  An adventuresome facilitator, she offers her diverse experience as a guide for personal transformation and strengthening relational skills. She teaches a very wide range of programs at The Haven and internationally.

Louise Amuir, Dip Haven Counselling, is interested in creativity and expressive arts as a means to connect with self and others. Her varied life experience in theatre, writing, art, dance, music, parenting and meditation bring humour, mindfulness, curiosity and play to her work with people..

Maria Gomori MSW, DipC, PhD is the world's foremost practitioner and teacher of Satir processes. Celebrating her 98th birthday in 2018, she has taught at The Haven since its foundation.

Matthew van der Giessen is a massage therapist and educator, and has been a student of embodiment for over 35 years. He brings a passion for biological science to his workshops, using touch, breath and movement to explore the body as a partner in personal growth and transformation.

Mitch, , MFA, Cert NVC , believes in the promise of more interdependent relationships and cultures. He is passionate about creating "liberation projects", and supporting creative, subtle, and long-term expressions of freedom and "undominance" in individuals and communities.  He is known for his inclusive, questioning, and non-directive approach to leadership and group development.

Myriam Verzat, CNVC Trainer Candidate, is a creative facilitator at ReCONNECT, an arts-based environmental educator and an experienced compassionate communication trainer.  She integrates Nonviolent Communication principles in all dimensions of her work. 

Pandit Tejomaya was called to a spiritual life from early on. He holds a bachelors of arts in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota and a masters of science in Health from the University of Wisconsin.

Sandey McCartney MA, DipC is a compassionate and skilled facilitator, educator and therapeutic counsellor with over 35 years’ experience. She co-leads several Haven programs with her life-partner of 30 years, David Raithby.

Sarah Lucht is a professional actor, educator and coach with 35 years’ experience in theatre, film and television. With Jane Geesman she leads Act Natural, a program which combines actors' training techniques with Haven concepts and models.

Susa Holt ND, PA-C, DipC, MA is a naturopathic physician with over 20 years' experience blending Western allopathic and alternative medicine and body/mind awareness. She has led Come Alive since 1996.

Susan Clarke MA-ABS, DipC is co-founder of Thrive! Inc. with CrisMarie Campbell. Susan's journey through a life-threatening illness informs her commitment to living life full out. She has led Come Alive for over 20 years, as well as Living Alive Phase I and Couples Alive.

Toby Macklin MA, DipHCS leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I, New Horizons: Phase III and Dynamic Empathy. As a writer, editor and graphic designer he has collaborated closely on several books with Haven founders Ben Wong and Jock McKeen.

Wayne Dodge MD, MPH, DipC has been associated with The Haven since 1981.  Over the years he lead Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I, and New Horizons: Phase III. With Gwen Ewan, he co-created Self-Compassion and a series of programs on Haven skills.  He is a proud grandfather who is enjoying retirement and spending time in Seattle with his husband and partner of more than 30 years.

Wen-Shwu Lee CEC, DipC, MBA, BFA, BA is a passionate, personal and professional leadership trainer and coach. She leads Come Alive and other programs at The Haven as well as workshops in Taiwan and China.

Wendy Huntington PhD, MA, LMFT, DipC is a family therapist, group facilitator, and teacher.