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By Cathy McNally. Cathy is leading Communication Fundamentals , Oct 16-19, with Cathy Wilder. As I step more and more into my "new" life, many things are showing up. One of these is a discovery linked to the online dating process I shared about recently . Although, this discovery is neither comfy...Read more
By Jennifer Hilton. "All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused." Martha Graham[/caption] A while ago, I stopped practicing Nia for a few months. All too soon my body lost touch with living “...Read more
By Ellery Littleton. Ellery's next writing program at The Haven is From Memory to Memoir , October 16–18, 2015 In 1993, I published my first book of poetry – “Old Rocks, New Streams” – 64 Poems from the I Ching. I had been fascinated by the I Ching for a long time, and decided to write one poem for...Read more
Cathy McNally recommends Act Natural – and below Sasha Kay writes about how she took up Cathy's suggestion! Dear Friends, I am excited. Want to share with you. Having just left Act Natural, what I notice is that I am not “thinking” something new, I think I am embodying a newness in my being . This...Read more
By Cathy McNally. Cathy is leading Living Alive Phase I at The Haven in November. Here she writes about starting to date again, thirty-six years later ... The last time I went on a "date" was in 1979. Yup – thirty-six years ago . Oh my. It was before my first marriage. I never dated my second...Read more
By Elfi Dillon Shaw DipC, RMT, Somatic Sex Educator. At the beginning of this year I entered into a sabbatical time and space in order to focus my attention on developing a new core program on sexuality which I had been invited to create for The Haven. Since then I have designed an intensive...Read more
John Gill stepped down as a Member of Haven Foundation at the July 2015 AGM and he will be greatly missed. Much of his contribution has been in the background, and it is time to shine a light on all that he has achieved. John has played a pivotal role in The Haven’s transition to Haven Foundation,...Read more
By Tina Boehm. Tina is soon leaving her post as a Haven Registrar, and will be greatly missed. Here she reflects on three programs she has taken recently and looks ahead with gratitude. The Process Work Approach to Transformation group. Tina is third from the left. This Spring I started to feel the...Read more
Sarah Sheridan writes about her experience of The Inner Activist's Building Strong and Respectful Relationships, held recently at The Haven. For more about The Inner Activist and upcoming programs visit . This article was first posted on the Inner Activist blog. During our week on...Read more
By Rachel Davey. As we enter the final week of the Thunderbird dorm project, here are some sneak peeks at what’s going on inside. For these custom built dorms, we’ve tried to think of everything that will make your stay as comfortable as it can be, at a very affordable price. Go to the Haven...Read more