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Water is always a critical issue at The Haven, and we have already recognized that 2015 is a drought year. We are taking additional steps to ensure that we have enough water to last through the summer. We have 180,000 gallons of water storage capacity, and we have started drawing on this already...Read more
By Cathy McNally Gifts, Growth, and Gratitude As I look back on my week at the Centers Gathering on the Pelion Peninsula in Greece, I have a sense of much personal deepening and growth. I am also returning to Canada with a sense of significant expansion of our resource network. Christine Lines from...Read more
By Cathy McNally Mid-week Adventures: Wednesday May 13 Mid-way through the week of the Centers Gathering we had an unexpected event: the whole mountain lost electricity starting around 8am. Happily this occurred just after the kitchen had finished heating our water for morning coffee and tea! It...Read more
By Cathy McNally The bay off the taverna where we eat breakfast each day. This morning is the second day of the International Holistic Centers Gathering May 2015, held at the Damouhari Hotel in the only natural port on the coast of the Pelion peninsula in the north east part of central Greece. This...Read more
By Rachel Davey Work on the Thunderbird dorms has been underway for a month now, and we are all very excited at the progress made and the opportunities this new style of accommodation will offer. Recently, we identified ‘the art and science of living well, together’ as part of the essence of...Read more
By Cathy McNally Wow! Many things converging in my life – like a gift. Yesterday I turned 60. May 1, I have the pleasure of joining Rachel on The Haven’s monthly Q&A online session , topic: listening. May 10–15, I am representing The Haven in Greece at the Centers Gathering! So what is the...Read more
We recently received this wonderful Come Alive testimonial I have been a career Emergency Medicine Physician for 30 years, currently practicing in Edmonton. I had two weeks off in my emergency department schedule and was exploring holiday/educational opportunities. There was a major Emergency...Read more
On Monday March 30 we officially (and symbolically) ‘broke ground’ on the latest project under the Haven Facilities Masterplan, the conversion of three of the rooms in the Thunderbird building to purpose built dorms. Pictured here is Project Manager Vince Iameo of Architrave Design Build on...Read more
By Wendy Schulz Sometimes things of value are hidden in plain sight and once experienced I wonder what took me so long to include myself in this experience. This has been my story about the programs and work that Marlyn Farrell of Primal Nudgings offers. For years I waited to take programs thinking...Read more
By Tina Boehm I recently had the good fortune to attend Experience Week at the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland and want to share a little of my experience. My hope is that it may encourage others to venture overseas and have their own experience of a truly magical and unique spiritual...Read more