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November and December are the busiest fundraising months for Haven Foundation when generous donors like you give to support Financial Aid, the capital campaign for the Facilities Masterplan, Youth Leadership or to our General Fund. We appreciate all your many donations, and want to make it as easy...Read more
By Rachel Davey I am delighted and honoured to share with you the information about the Ewan Fund, created by Gwen Ewan, Haven core faculty member, Director of Education and beloved friend and mentor to many. Gwen passed away in August 2012. Her legacy to The Haven is extensive, and now includes...Read more
By Rachel Davey For the last ten days I have been in China, attending the first ever Centers Gathering to be held in Asia. It has been a rich and rewarding experience and I hope this article will give some insight into why. The International Holistic Centers Gathering has been in existence for more...Read more
These days The Power of Direct Mirroring is led by Cathy McNally and Wendy Huntington (pictured). Here they revisit two pieces written for Shen 17 years ago, by Gary Holdgrafer and Suzanne Gobeil Partridge. House of Mirrors By Suzanne Gobeil Partridge. Suzanne is The Haven’s Reflexologist. This...Read more
By Susan Clarke. This article was first published on Susan's blog We launched the first Living It! September 11th, with a weekend in person at The Haven, and online sessions to follow! It’s been a year or more in the making. The initial plan, to launch a nine-month blended onsite...Read more
By Cathy Wilder. Cathy is leading Communication Fundamentals with Cathy McNally, Oct. 16–19. Register online, by email (register@ or call 1 800 222 9211 ext 1. About four years ago, I was first exposed to this program when Cathy and Ernie McNally were leading it. At that time, its overall...Read more
By Susan Clarke. This article was first published on Linkedin. I read a lot of headlines in business magazines and journals: “How to Defuse Conflict,” “Manage Conflict Better,” or “Make it Safe.” All of these titles sound intriguing. Of course I should want to defuse tension, manage conflict well,...Read more
The Haven and the Gabriola Arts Council are delighted to introduce you to the four wonderful and talented people who will be selecting the 2016 Artist in Residence. They have agreed to take on the difficult task of choosing one or two emerging artists aged 30 and under to be the artist(s) in...Read more
Hello to all my Haven friends, some of you will have noticed my disappearance from my beloved garden. It was not only the drought that drove me away! In early July, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had no symptoms and this was caught through a routine FIT test. I ask you all to make sure you...Read more
By Rachel Davey I arrived at The Haven to take up the position of Programs Manager in November 2006, very nearly ten years ago. I find it hard to believe that so much time has passed! It has been an incredibly rich ten years and I have been privileged to meet and work with some amazing people and...Read more