Yoga Immersion: Summer

Jul 27 - Jul 30, 2017

Embodying joy, connection, and freedom

This program offers seasonal practices that celebrate your body’s innate intelligence, and the significance of being in alignment with nature.

The Yoga Immersion Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall programs may be taken individually, or as an integrated four-part series.

Summer is a time to nourish your heart, and connect to what brings you joy, and freedom.  

Drawing on the wisdom of Tantra, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda this seasonal program explores the connection between our body-mind and nature; and offers powerful practices for attuning ourselves to the fiery energies of summer.

Our focus will be on learning seasonal practices and techniques that celebrate your body’s innate intelligence, and the significance of being in alignment with nature. We will explore seasonal asana, breath work and meditation, methods for developing embodied self-awareness and self-compassion, and insights into seasonal cleansing and nutrition.

We will focus on practices for nourishing the heart, and connecting to your own inner wisdom. We will explore processes for cultivating your relationship to joy, and finding greater freedom in your body, mind and spirit. This program is an invitation to move into greater authenticity, find ease, and open to a deeper sense of intimacy and connection; to yourself, others and nature.

This program is for people who want to:

•    Deepen their connection to their body, and trust its innate intelligence
•    Nourish their physical heart, support good circulation and digestion
•    Learn powerful seasonal practices for embodying joy, connection and freedom
•    Gain insights into seasonal cleansing and nutrition
•    Practice embodied self-awareness and self-compassion
•    Connect to their own heart wisdom, and cultivate joy
•    Create greater ease, freedom, and flow in their daily lives
•    Improve their overall health and vitality
•    Connect with others in a supportive community

Format: This program combines presentation and experiential learning, introducing concepts and practices of seasonal yoga and their benefits in everyday life. This program will benefit anyone interested in cultivating a daily/seasonal yoga practice. The yoga practices in this program are accessible to beginners. Some previous experience of yoga is recommended, but is not required.


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